The fuel used in pellet boilers are the wood pellets and electricity is used for automation. Just like traditional wood stoves, pellet stoves function as air heaters. From a big refillable silo, the wood pellets get to a smaller silo with a lower capacity, from where an automatic feeder operates the boiler on adjusted capacity.

The advantages of this kind of heating are the easy operation, thanks to its simple structure, the small amount of byproducts (ashes) and the quick effect.

The pellet boiler assures the comfort of central gas heating, the warmth of wood heating, the design of the traditional open fireplaces, all this cheaper than gas heating. The open fireplace is a useful, esthetic, comfortable interior design accesory, which by adding some optional elements makes it possible for the generated energy to produce hot water. These stoves and fireplaces are distributed on an advantageous price by our partner company (, satisfying every need and capacity.