In average, the amount of pellets produced from 2 kg of wood waste equals 1m3 of natural gas.

It is important to mention that due to the low ash-content of pellets the wall of the stove doesn`t get glassy as it often happens with wood stoves because of the high silicon content of the ashes.

In conclusion, the efficiency of the pellet stoves matches the efficiency of the latest gas stoves, not to mention that they are more economic (35-40%), considering the increasing gas prices.


The quantity of CO2 emitted during the pellet combustion is equal to the CO2 absorbed by the tree during its growth (CO2 - neutral), so globally it does not increase the quantity of air-polluting substances and global warming. The smoke gases turned out to be environment friendly not only compared to coal and gas heating but the emission of polluting gases is low even compared to traditional wood stoves (CO < 200 mg/m3).